The vision that became Beyond B-School was a picture of a post-graduate program that could provide MBAs with the necessary career building tools to get off to a fast start after graduation and to become the future stars in the business world.

Based upon my research, there was an absence of management training going beyond MBA coursework, executive education and on-the-job training.

Beyond B-School was created to help business schools prepare enrolled students and alumni develop their careers and help employers of MBAs turn young talent into effective leaders.

When I floated the concept to friends and business associates, the need for soft skills training that young business professionals require to be successful resonated immediately.

But I heard one question, always, about the concept. “Why MBAs? Aren’t you unnecessarily limiting the size of your market? Why not make the training you create available to all business professionals?”

To answer that question, I need to make a confession: I am addicted to the Food Network. Not because the stars have such notable skills with a knife or prowess with a wok, but because they are extraordinary in more significant ways. Food Network stars have learned to innovate, communicate and engineer products consumers want; to produce efficiently with attention to detail and risk; and to relate, mentor, and lead people and peers of all skill levels both inside and outside the kitchen. Ultimately, they meet demanding requirements and become truly effective leaders.

So why MBAs?

MBAs are also primed to become star performers. Like Food Network stars, they are smart, committed to learn and grow, and driven to achieve.

They enroll in business school determined to learn the skills, make lifelong connections and earn a distinguished credential that will prepare them to make an impact. MBAs have so many personal and academic tools for success.

What MBA’s are often missing is the means to quickly mature those talents and use them as effectively as possible to achieve their full potential.

Beyond B-School was created to fill that void.



Beyond B-School’s purpose is rooted in every MBA’s drive to achieve—from launching a rewarding career to developing a powerful and ongoing impact in the world of business. Graduate schools of management do an extraordinary job preparing MBAs to manage projects and get results; companies—from large, established corporations to new start-ups—hire MBAs knowing they have an outstanding skill set that translates to organizational growth and operational success. Beyond B-School helps MBAs learn how to bridge the gap between knowing and doing, cultivating the ability to create and capitalize on opportunities for career acceleration and professional achievement.